Thursday, March 25, 2010

"It SUCKS to be right now!"

I've been sitting in traffic for the past hour and haven't really gotten that far! I there are like 2 accidents on the 91 westbound, and thinking I would be smart I tried to take side streets to go around the traffic! Unfortunately so did half the world! I'm dead stopped on side streets now and the freeway's not gonna be any better!

So it leaves me plenty of time sit in my car alone with my thoughts! Not a good combination since I was already kind of feeling down this morning! Lol!

"I'm sick of loosing- I wanna ween!"

At least Nacho knows how I feel! Lol!

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The Tafuna Family said...

oh my gosh, so i totally just bought this dvd last week, it was $5 at walmart. i should have bought 10. but so i watch it pretty much every day. and when i watch it, its not as funny as when i imagine that you're saying all the lines....oh man, good times