Monday, March 8, 2010

Merging Monday brings thoughts of Sunday

Isn't it funny how the simplest things can often cause you to reflect upon a deeper life lesson? Well that's what happened this morning.

Every morning I make the long drive to work from Murrieta to Santa Fe Springs. Sometimes I carpool with my dad, which makes the commute shorter, but today I drove by myself!

Getting onto the 91 freeway from the 15 can be quite a chore, depending on the amount of cars and whether people remember how to merge that day. Lol!

As I sat on the onramp- dead stopped- I looked down and could see that the westbound freeway was barely moving of at all while the eastbound freeway had hardley anyone on it! I thought to myself, "Geez, the smart people are the ones who commute the opposite direction from the rest of the world!"

That's when it hit me:

If we move in the same direction as the world our spiritual progress ceases! We become stuck in a traffic jam that retards our celestial nature! However, if we move in the opposite direction of the world, we will have the freedom to progress at our own pace- fast or slow!

I think this could be one of the reasons Elder Eyring admonishes us this month to have moral courage! He says:

"One of the purposes of mortal life is to prove to God that we will keep His
commandments when that takes courage. We passed that test in the spirit world.
But a third of the hosts of heaven rebelled against the proposal that they be
tested in a mortal existence where there was a risk that they would fail."

"Before we were born, we knew God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,
personally. We could see Them and listen to Them as They taught and encouraged
us. Now a veil has been placed over our minds and memories. Satan, the father of
lies, has an advantage because we must see the reality of who we are through the
eyes of faith, while our bodies make us subject to carnal temptation and to
physical weakness."

"We have great helps to give us courage in this
life. The greatest is the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

He continues by saying we also have spiritual gifts, the Holy Ghost, and the priesthood to help us be courageous.

Yesterday, I shared the lyrics of a song performed by Musical Truth, and written by Jolene Kanahele, entitled "Courage"

"Courage is doing what's right
In th prescense of fear
It takes courage
to do what I should when no one else is near
Courage is my way of saying
I will follow thee
When the world walks out on me"

We can find the courage we need to move the opposite direction of the world by relying on our Father in Heaven. Elder Eyring concludes:

"God has given us more than enough help to banish fear and give us courage, whatever we may face in life. As we reach out for His help, He can lift us toward that eternal life we seek."

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great thoughts Gregory! straight from the Hometeaching lesson! I missed out on the lesson yesterday!

Ui said...

u got all of that from a traffic jam?! lol.....nah...j/k. very inspirational brother. i love it.

***~_Bunz_~*** said...

Very cool thoughts Greg :) and all that from a traffic jam :) I love that song!

shawna said...

love it, but love the jethro tull song even more...;-)