Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Know!

This one's for Ui and Ane! All I gotta say is "I know!" hahahahahaha!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My love/hate relationship!

I have a love/hate relationship with the sun! I love him, but he hates me! So on Wednesday I didn't go into work, because I needed to stay home and get the yard ready for Ryan's manshower! If you don't know what that is, then you better read his blog:

Anyways, I decided since I didn't have to go in I would make a little visit to the dermatologist to look at a mole on my back that had been bothering me. It has been like 12 years since I've even seen one so I thought it might be good to just get a check up anyways! Lol. Well he removed the mole- turns out it was just a mole that had been scratched and irritated- and didn't seem too concerned about any of the other ones I have. The "surgery" was quick and easy and I didn't even feel it. They stuck a bandaid on and sent me on my way.

Ironically, I went straight to Ghostbusters to tan! Lol! Then I went home to help mom in the yard. Josh and I thought this was the perfect oportunity to get some real sun instead fake sun from the tanning booth, so we took our shirts off and worked in the yard! I kind of lost track of time and the fact that I still had tanning lotion on from the tanning booth, and that I still had a bandaid on my back from the dermatologist! Lol! Well, the mix of those three things proved disasterous!

See for yourself:

Mind you, these pictures were taken a couple days after the intial burn- the redness had already begun to fade. Wednesday night, I looked like Sebastian from the little mermaid! Lol!

I don't know why he's gotta be so cruel to me! Why can't he just give me a nice golden-brown kind of color? Instead no matter how much I try to be close to him, he always paints me red! Lol!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lakers teach Pheonix the Sun sets in the West!

Here's the REAL king! Look at the determination on his face! He wants another Championship bad! And he's spreading a fire among the rest of the team!

Lamaaaaaaaar! Lamar Odom is my homie! Lol!

When he's on- he's REALLY on! He had 19 points and 19 rebounds tonight! Way to be on your A game Lamar!

Here's Ronnie!

Ron Artest is an Animal! I think he's just slightly crazy- or at least has the potential to go crazy! Lol! But he ASKED to join the Lakers! You KNOW he wants a ring! Not to mention the chance to sport the yellow and purple!


Derek Fisher is gangsta!

Shannon Brown can fly!

And who's Pheonix's star?

Ouch! Lol!

Anyways- I think they're gonna go all the way! Kobe wants it! The team wants it! And most of all- All of us fans want it!

What was it 30 points tonight- broken finger and sore knee!?

Laker-haters, you just don't have a leg to stand on! :)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

To the Laker game and back again!

So I got the craziest idea last week that I should take a quick road trip up to Salt Lake and go to the Laker vs. Jazz game there.  So I talked to McCain and he was totally down for it!
 Friday we left after work! Got to Provo about 2:00 AM and then crashed at Griffin's appartment.  Saturday, I dropped McCain, Griffin and Aubrey off at Temple Square so they could visit Sagan and take a tour with her, and I went and hung out with my cousin Molly!

Then we all went to Hire's Big H for lunch- love the burgers and the amazing Rootbeer Freeze!

I took Molly home and Mac, Griff, and Aubrey went to the Energy Solutions Arena to meet Brooks and his girlfriend Kesia and get our seats.  I raced back to the Arena and watched the most intense and awesome game!
I was nervous at times, but the Lakers pulled through! Mac wore his "Here's Ronnie" shirt and I wore my "Only Kings Have Rings" shirt, available at The Forest Lab!  We got tons of compliments from Lakers fans, and a few dirty looks from everyone else. 
Mac especially had his own little fan club two rows behind us! You gotta love a drunk Laker fan singing "We Love LA...We Love It" over and over again, and yelling "Here's Ronnie" everytime Ron Artest got the ball! LOL! Mac even got the honor of being dubbed the Baddest Mother F*er in the whole place! LOL! However, after we won the real fun happened...

First off let me say- Jazz fans suck! LOL! The following is an excerpt I wrote in response to someone complaining that We Laker fans owe some kind of "Respect" to Jazz fans on Joshua Mezin's Facebook status:

Let me just say, I was at the game and there is definately no room for respect for any of the Jazz fans who were there! I watched as they physically accosted a laker fan! One guy bashed a glass bottle over his head, and as he was bleeding profusly the rest of the crowd would barely let him get down to safety, they were too busy pushing and swearing... See More at him! Can you say sore losers! And then to top it all off, when security was called the guy who smashed the bottle took his jersey and hat off to look different and ran off like a punk ass b*tch. A lady in her mid-30's early 40's proudly announced to the people around her that, "that guy just beat up a laker fan" and to let him through so he could do it some more! "Sore losers" aren't the only 2 word phrases that came to mind, I think "white trash" would fit appropriately as well! I love how everyone who walked by us would say lakers suck! Really? If we suck so bad how come we just won!? You guys need to come up with something better than Lakers Suck, or Kobe Sucks, because it only makes you sound more pathetic and ignorant than you already are! All I gots to say is that I wish someone would grab the guy who smashed the bottle and drop him in the middle of the Staples Center and just see if he makes it home alive! Lol! I love Basketball season because the Lakers unite us- it's the only place and time you can see the ghettoist gangbanger hugging a Beverly Hills CEO out of pure celebration! I echo the words of the theme song- and my Vato homie two rows behind me- "We love LA! We love it!" Good game Jazz- you played your hearts out and kept it intense and we didn't play our best and made some crucial mistakes and we still spanked you on your own court. Wait!? If you played your best and we beat you when we played our worst....Who sucks now!? Lol!

After the game, Mac and I drove to Mesquite, where we spent the night and then drove the rest of the way home in the morning!  Our car ride was long and our time in Utah was short, but it was worth every minute! It was an amazing weekend!