Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm turning into a "Son of a Beach"

Well, since I’ve been in Hawaii pretty much nothing has gone according to plan. I was planning to move to Honolulu—that didn’t happen! I was planning on starting my internship two weeks ago—that didn’t happen! (I know you’re all wondering why so let me fill you in really quick. The place hasn’t had interns for a many years and they don’t really know what they’re doing, so they didn’t fill out the right paperwork and I can’t start until mid-October) One thing has gone according to plan and in fact even better—my beach days!
Last week Ui, Ane and I decided to have a beach day on Tuesday. We made plans and invited some friends and came up with a “Beach Crew” and a “Beach Plan.” We decided to go to Ko’Olina Beach Resort to the man-made lagoons. So Tuesday came around—Me, Ui, Shane, Robin, Jacob and Ane. Let me just say it was amazing!

We packed a lunch—well a huge ice chest big enough to feed an army actually—consisting of eggs sandwiches and tuna sandwiches (because we had vegetarians in the mix), yogurt, chips, pudding, salsa, crackers, and Ane’s seven layer dip! We ate and laughed and swam. The lagoons there are perfect because there are definitely no sharks! LOL!

We had soooo much fun that we decided to do it Thursday too! But Thursday came and our group got significantly smaller—just Ane, Ui and Me. On the way home we discovered the best sandwich shop in the world—Storto’s Deli in Haleiwa! Amazing!
So then we dropped Ane off because she had to go work in the temple and Ui and I decided to pick up a new friend, Nephi, and head back to the beach—this time Sunset. We stayed and swam till the sun went down. I decided that this time around I am going to take full advantage of the beach.
Ui and I made a pact to go at least once a week! We got our own beach crew and definitely our new favorite spots! I decided that the beach makes you forget your problems and brings some peace of mind. I do have to admit I got burned pretty badly but it’s all good…hopefully it will turn to tan! LOL!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Houses in Hawaii are harder to find than Snipes at Scout Camp!

If you've never been to Boy Scout Camp, you might not know what a Snipe is, so let me explain. A snipe is a small, mischeiveous bird that cannot fly and comes out of hiding only at night. Well, at least that is what the older boy scouts tell the younger boy scouts--I thought snipes were imaginary until I just googled them and found out that they do exist, but they can fly and I have no clue if they are nocturnal--so that they can convince the younger boys to go on a snipe hunt. Of course there are NO snipes anywhere near any Boy Scout camp I've ever been to. Well, I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as reasonable housing anywhere in Hawaii...LOL!

Okay, that last statement is not true, becuase up in Laie and the North Shore are pretty generous. I have had a few offers, but I need to move to town to be closer to my job! So needless to say, I am still homeless and frustrated! LOL! Can somebody please just help me out! I have contacted like 20 different Craig's List places and only a handful of them have called me back. I've even got the, "Oh, you're Mormon!" Freakin' A! Yes, I'm mormon and I'm gonna report your ass to the Housing authority for discriminating against me! LOL! JK.
Oh well! There has to be a house somewhere for me! I just gotta keep hunting for it like a snipe in the dark!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back in the 808!

So just a quick blog to tell everyone I am officially back in Hawaii! The flight was long and definately not boring.

I arrived at the airport yesterday at like 3:30 and my flight didn't leave until 5:55 so I had plenty of time to observe the people who would be on the plane with me. I saw that it was going to be a full flight.

One person, in particular, caught my eye. A heavy set, middle-aged gentleman, wearing a bright pink shirt, rolled-up jean shorts, and a dangly turquoise earring in his left ear. I quickly said to myself, "I hope I don't sit next to that person!" As I boarded the plane I looked for my seat 31A and guess who was sitting in 31B? I suppose it serves me right, but to make matters worse he was quite chatty, smelled a little of B.O. and took up my arm rest so that every once in a while my elbow would touch his extremely hairy arms....yuck! Let's just say that it was a long flight cramming myself against the wall to get as far away from him as possible.

I know, I'm a total snob, because he was a nice person, he was just way too up in my bubble!!!! But I made it to Hawaii safe and sound! So the adventure is just begining....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My last full day in the Murr-town!

I hate packing! Of course if you are an organized person, you might pack weeks before you make a trip, but I like to put it off as long as I can. I woke up this morning to my mother asking me to pick up my Dad. I stumbled out of bed, much earlier than I am used to I might add, and stubbed my toe on the wall. Not my big toe, not even my little toe, but strangely enough my fourth toe--You know, the one right next to your little toe. It freakin' hurt, but I ran downstairs to hop in the car to accomplish my task like the good son I am. LOL! While I was driving, I thought to myself, "Hmmm...I still haven't rented a car for tomorrow, found a place to live, or packed anything!" Yikes, I hate packing!!!!!! Did I say I hate packing yet? Well, if you haven't gotten the idea yet- I HATE PACKING! So I do what comes natural to me...avoid it like the plague!

Instead of packing, I found other activities to occupy my time....

I picked up Dad from the Chevy dealer, and then the whole fam damily went to honeycutt farms (commonly referred to as the Ham Shop) for breakfast. I had a Ham, Cheese, and Avocado Omelet After the Ham shop, I discussed some business opportunities with my Madre and nailed down the Hawaii plans a little more with my Padre and then decided to get ready for the day because I needed to go to the Banco! I showered and got dressed and rocked my new red sunglasses that bought in Santa Monica a few days earlier! LOL!
Of course I had to hit up the bank before I left, because there are no WAMU's in Hawaii! I stood. After the bank I talked on the phone to one of my beautiful cousins, Emma, and to my friends Ana and Ui and packed a little more...ugh! While I packed I waited for dinner and everyone to come over. Cousin Emma :)

We had finished dinner, Mom's famous Quesadillas, and enjoyed a round of Jeopardy in which Mandi asked, "What's a Vatican?" and a whole episode of Wheel of Fortune later, I was ready for a field trip. We hopped in the Escalade and bumped the music and headed out of the Garage.
Even though the original plan was to go to Claim Jumper for dessert, Mom convinced us to go to Cold Stone so that we could bring her back a treat too. So we headed to Cold Stone and I got Chocolate and Cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in. Yum Yum! My favorite!
After grabbing Cold Stone, we headed back home to eat my ice cream and hang out some more. Scott showed up and fixed Mandi's phone or something like that and Sabrina and Trevor watched the new episode of Prison Break with Dad. Jordyn, Scott, Mandi, Andrea
Sabrina and Trevor

So now it's 1:13 in the morning, and I leave today for Hawaii and I still haven't packed! But, I'm not too worried. It will all get done! And this time tomorrow I will be in wikki wacky waikiki! Well actually Laie! LOL!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Little Monkey is perfectly fine staying IN his bed!

So, I'm headed off to Hawaii in a couple days and I'm thinking that one of things I will miss the most is my bed. Its not a special bed or anything, it's just MY bed! You can tell from the pictures that it's never made (which is a nightmare come true for my mother, that the whole world can now see my un-made bed) and that I have a cheetah print matress (which up until probably middle school was my favorite animal, but then monkeys bumped them out of that spot). I get a lot of different reactions to my mattress, my friend Myles said, "You know how I know you're gay? You have a cheetah matress!" but I don't care what anyone says-I love it! It's softer than a normal mattress and I usually kick all the sheets off of it. I sleep with my "decorative" pillows forming a fortress over me and my bedspread as a main cover source. I know that it's not normal, but I totally burrow in all of the pillows to stay warm because I happen to have the coldest room in the house.

I totally understand why Bears Hibernate in the winter! Its because they are freakin' comfortable and they don't want to move! These past two weeks my mother and father have been quite irritated with the fact that I sometimes stay in my bed until 2 in the afternoon. My dad constantly wonders why I'm tired all of the time and my mother thinks that it's pathetic. But the truth of the matter is that I am not tired all of the time, just extremely comfortable in my bed! I wake up and then realize that I like where I'm at, and that I don't want to move, so I usually fall back asleep and repreat this process four to five times before some pressing engagement beckons me to leave such a comfortable spot.

I'm leaving for Hawaii on the 9th and will enter the workforce and won't be able to stay in my bed until 2, in fact I won't have MY bed at all! But I think until then, instead of jumping on the bed, this monkey is just gonna stay in it! :)