Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Little Monkey is perfectly fine staying IN his bed!

So, I'm headed off to Hawaii in a couple days and I'm thinking that one of things I will miss the most is my bed. Its not a special bed or anything, it's just MY bed! You can tell from the pictures that it's never made (which is a nightmare come true for my mother, that the whole world can now see my un-made bed) and that I have a cheetah print matress (which up until probably middle school was my favorite animal, but then monkeys bumped them out of that spot). I get a lot of different reactions to my mattress, my friend Myles said, "You know how I know you're gay? You have a cheetah matress!" but I don't care what anyone says-I love it! It's softer than a normal mattress and I usually kick all the sheets off of it. I sleep with my "decorative" pillows forming a fortress over me and my bedspread as a main cover source. I know that it's not normal, but I totally burrow in all of the pillows to stay warm because I happen to have the coldest room in the house.

I totally understand why Bears Hibernate in the winter! Its because they are freakin' comfortable and they don't want to move! These past two weeks my mother and father have been quite irritated with the fact that I sometimes stay in my bed until 2 in the afternoon. My dad constantly wonders why I'm tired all of the time and my mother thinks that it's pathetic. But the truth of the matter is that I am not tired all of the time, just extremely comfortable in my bed! I wake up and then realize that I like where I'm at, and that I don't want to move, so I usually fall back asleep and repreat this process four to five times before some pressing engagement beckons me to leave such a comfortable spot.

I'm leaving for Hawaii on the 9th and will enter the workforce and won't be able to stay in my bed until 2, in fact I won't have MY bed at all! But I think until then, instead of jumping on the bed, this monkey is just gonna stay in it! :)


Seth and Lacey said...

wahoo! why are you coming back to the islands! im excited--you need to come over for dinner and play wii tennis!

In The Doghouse said...

The point of buying the Cheetah mattress was so that when your bed was left unmade it wouldn't be that drastic. It goes with the ever present jungle theme you love so well!
I can't wait for reality to kick in in a couple of days once again, but until then I guess we just better be glad the monkey isn't jumping!
Note to self: Never wake a sleeping monkey.

Lauren Steimle said...

i totally feel you! i don't hate waking up i just hate getting out of my bed because im so comfortable!

emma johnson said...

i am jealous of the cheetah mattress and i completely understand...i could easily spend the whole day in my bed! there is no better place.

Ken said...

I think you're totally 'Bananas' but WHATEVER! Gregory, thanks for adding my blog link to your blog and when I figure out how to do it, I'll add yours to mine. Check out my 'Friday Night Lights!' picture. I'll me adding more pix soon.