Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My last full day in the Murr-town!

I hate packing! Of course if you are an organized person, you might pack weeks before you make a trip, but I like to put it off as long as I can. I woke up this morning to my mother asking me to pick up my Dad. I stumbled out of bed, much earlier than I am used to I might add, and stubbed my toe on the wall. Not my big toe, not even my little toe, but strangely enough my fourth toe--You know, the one right next to your little toe. It freakin' hurt, but I ran downstairs to hop in the car to accomplish my task like the good son I am. LOL! While I was driving, I thought to myself, "Hmmm...I still haven't rented a car for tomorrow, found a place to live, or packed anything!" Yikes, I hate packing!!!!!! Did I say I hate packing yet? Well, if you haven't gotten the idea yet- I HATE PACKING! So I do what comes natural to me...avoid it like the plague!

Instead of packing, I found other activities to occupy my time....

I picked up Dad from the Chevy dealer, and then the whole fam damily went to honeycutt farms (commonly referred to as the Ham Shop) for breakfast. I had a Ham, Cheese, and Avocado Omelet After the Ham shop, I discussed some business opportunities with my Madre and nailed down the Hawaii plans a little more with my Padre and then decided to get ready for the day because I needed to go to the Banco! I showered and got dressed and rocked my new red sunglasses that bought in Santa Monica a few days earlier! LOL!
Of course I had to hit up the bank before I left, because there are no WAMU's in Hawaii! I stood. After the bank I talked on the phone to one of my beautiful cousins, Emma, and to my friends Ana and Ui and packed a little more...ugh! While I packed I waited for dinner and everyone to come over. Cousin Emma :)

We had finished dinner, Mom's famous Quesadillas, and enjoyed a round of Jeopardy in which Mandi asked, "What's a Vatican?" and a whole episode of Wheel of Fortune later, I was ready for a field trip. We hopped in the Escalade and bumped the music and headed out of the Garage.
Even though the original plan was to go to Claim Jumper for dessert, Mom convinced us to go to Cold Stone so that we could bring her back a treat too. So we headed to Cold Stone and I got Chocolate and Cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in. Yum Yum! My favorite!
After grabbing Cold Stone, we headed back home to eat my ice cream and hang out some more. Scott showed up and fixed Mandi's phone or something like that and Sabrina and Trevor watched the new episode of Prison Break with Dad. Jordyn, Scott, Mandi, Andrea
Sabrina and Trevor

So now it's 1:13 in the morning, and I leave today for Hawaii and I still haven't packed! But, I'm not too worried. It will all get done! And this time tomorrow I will be in wikki wacky waikiki! Well actually Laie! LOL!


Andrea said...

i dont want you to go back to hawaii, i'm having fun with you here.

Tim & Tara said...


I hardly got to see you this summer. And we didn't even throw one themed party, i'm sad.


Amanda said...

I'm not remotely surprised you hadn't packed (not that I'm much better, I was still putting stuff in boxes the day I left LA). This post totally reminded me of the 2 of us in 7th grade, as I tried to organize your back pack for the 100th time. I can just picture the bags you packed :)