Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Doghouse welcomes all different breeds of Dog.

Summer time is always exciting at the Doghouse, but this summer there was an assortment of different breeds of Dog, each with unique characteristics.

The Old Dogs: You know the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Not so with these two. If you can wake them up, they are quite entertaining. They enjoy heated games of "sets and runs" and watching old westerns like "the magnificient seven."The Papa Dog: I guess you could call him spot, because sometime you can spot him there and sometimes you can't. Papa dog had to drive back and forth to work a few days a week.

The Mama Dog: Always predictable, this dog would rather surf than wakeboard-surf the internet that is.
The Blonde Dogs: I don't even need to explain.

The Veteran Dogs: These pups have had lots of experience with the Doghouse and know how to do lots of tricks. They can wakeboard, stay on a tube, and pack a couch full of bodies.

The Idaho Dog: Likes potatoes and speaks Finnish, but comes around mostly in Summer. Funny story is that he wore this shirt in front of my friend Bubs...a Hawaiian Dog...LOL! (It says Hawaiian girls have nice coconuts)
The Cousin Dogs: Its always fun when the cousins come out, but Uncle Kenny is a bit like the paparazzi with his new interest in photography.

The Friendly Dogs: The Hales Family is always fun hang out with. Especially when Brent convinces Dad to ride on the tube with him. What a good sport. I don't think I've ever seen the tube whip that fast.

The Island Dogs: Usually colored a little darker than the other dogs, these two have a blast learning tricks they've never done before.

There were even more that came and went this summer, and all of them added to the fun.


Andrea said...

That was so true and so funny. It was a good summer wasn't it??

In The Doghouse said...

Let's just say you are a "dead dog" for posting that picture of me!!!

Ui said...

buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! where do i start. i was dying with the "hawaiian coconuts" shirt story. i can just see bubs' face. why didn't you take a picture of that? and lol at the "island dogs" description. "darker than the others". io...just call em BLACK! lol. ok....well...did you find a place yet. call me

Seth and Lacey said...

Hahaha! I thought the hawaiian coconut shirt was funny!

Ken said...

Hey Gregory! I love the Doghouse pix, especially the one with Uncle Kenny. Just kidding! I got your poster finished and I have it posted on my blogspot. Check it out! I think it is way cool! We will miss seeing you. Aloha!

shawna said...

i remember going to the doghouse...i actually have a photo of eden, framed on my desk, of her eating goldfish on the dock with her "tube" on. remember going to that water park? that was so fun becuz no one was there! glad to see you! tell your folks hiand give your mom my blog!