Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm turning into a "Son of a Beach"

Well, since I’ve been in Hawaii pretty much nothing has gone according to plan. I was planning to move to Honolulu—that didn’t happen! I was planning on starting my internship two weeks ago—that didn’t happen! (I know you’re all wondering why so let me fill you in really quick. The place hasn’t had interns for a many years and they don’t really know what they’re doing, so they didn’t fill out the right paperwork and I can’t start until mid-October) One thing has gone according to plan and in fact even better—my beach days!
Last week Ui, Ane and I decided to have a beach day on Tuesday. We made plans and invited some friends and came up with a “Beach Crew” and a “Beach Plan.” We decided to go to Ko’Olina Beach Resort to the man-made lagoons. So Tuesday came around—Me, Ui, Shane, Robin, Jacob and Ane. Let me just say it was amazing!

We packed a lunch—well a huge ice chest big enough to feed an army actually—consisting of eggs sandwiches and tuna sandwiches (because we had vegetarians in the mix), yogurt, chips, pudding, salsa, crackers, and Ane’s seven layer dip! We ate and laughed and swam. The lagoons there are perfect because there are definitely no sharks! LOL!

We had soooo much fun that we decided to do it Thursday too! But Thursday came and our group got significantly smaller—just Ane, Ui and Me. On the way home we discovered the best sandwich shop in the world—Storto’s Deli in Haleiwa! Amazing!
So then we dropped Ane off because she had to go work in the temple and Ui and I decided to pick up a new friend, Nephi, and head back to the beach—this time Sunset. We stayed and swam till the sun went down. I decided that this time around I am going to take full advantage of the beach.
Ui and I made a pact to go at least once a week! We got our own beach crew and definitely our new favorite spots! I decided that the beach makes you forget your problems and brings some peace of mind. I do have to admit I got burned pretty badly but it’s all good…hopefully it will turn to tan! LOL!


Ui said...

YES!!! The beach helps you forget everything else in the world. Not to mention your tan helps you "lose" ten pounds instantly remember!!! Hahaha. so...i'm gonna refer everyone to this blog since you did a good job describing everything this week.

Kayla said...

Greg!! I have a blog, so I'm adding you to mine :)