Friday, September 12, 2008

Houses in Hawaii are harder to find than Snipes at Scout Camp!

If you've never been to Boy Scout Camp, you might not know what a Snipe is, so let me explain. A snipe is a small, mischeiveous bird that cannot fly and comes out of hiding only at night. Well, at least that is what the older boy scouts tell the younger boy scouts--I thought snipes were imaginary until I just googled them and found out that they do exist, but they can fly and I have no clue if they are nocturnal--so that they can convince the younger boys to go on a snipe hunt. Of course there are NO snipes anywhere near any Boy Scout camp I've ever been to. Well, I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as reasonable housing anywhere in Hawaii...LOL!

Okay, that last statement is not true, becuase up in Laie and the North Shore are pretty generous. I have had a few offers, but I need to move to town to be closer to my job! So needless to say, I am still homeless and frustrated! LOL! Can somebody please just help me out! I have contacted like 20 different Craig's List places and only a handful of them have called me back. I've even got the, "Oh, you're Mormon!" Freakin' A! Yes, I'm mormon and I'm gonna report your ass to the Housing authority for discriminating against me! LOL! JK.
Oh well! There has to be a house somewhere for me! I just gotta keep hunting for it like a snipe in the dark!


Ui said...

hahahaha. that is too funny. so that place in pearl city didn't work out? well..i'll keep looking on craigslist (as i'm sure you are too). did you call your granola kid and filipino barbie friends to give them the bad news? lol

Br00kie said...

ahah i sowry, hope you can find some where to lives! miss ya already!

In The Doghouse said...

I guess in order to make a delicious snipe stew you only need to find one good snipe. Keep looking my dear, and eat with your wonderful generous friends while you do. That darn bird can't fly forever!
Make sure you have the right hunting gear and the patience that you need to be a great hunter.
Good luck.

NeenaLove said...

hope it all works out. i think i know of an apartment that might be opening soon. or maybe not until november. and the landlord's are MEMBERS!!

i'll keep you posted.