Monday, May 17, 2010

Lakers teach Pheonix the Sun sets in the West!

Here's the REAL king! Look at the determination on his face! He wants another Championship bad! And he's spreading a fire among the rest of the team!

Lamaaaaaaaar! Lamar Odom is my homie! Lol!

When he's on- he's REALLY on! He had 19 points and 19 rebounds tonight! Way to be on your A game Lamar!

Here's Ronnie!

Ron Artest is an Animal! I think he's just slightly crazy- or at least has the potential to go crazy! Lol! But he ASKED to join the Lakers! You KNOW he wants a ring! Not to mention the chance to sport the yellow and purple!


Derek Fisher is gangsta!

Shannon Brown can fly!

And who's Pheonix's star?

Ouch! Lol!

Anyways- I think they're gonna go all the way! Kobe wants it! The team wants it! And most of all- All of us fans want it!

What was it 30 points tonight- broken finger and sore knee!?

Laker-haters, you just don't have a leg to stand on! :)

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yayer!!! i think Kobe had 40 points!!!

Ui said...

oh-em!! freakin' obsessed much?! lol. i can't wait til these stupid play offs are over so i can have my tv back! lol!