Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kids Are Joining The Swim Team!

So I have totally decided that my kids are going to the Olympics! Ever since the opening ceremonies for the Beijing 2008 Olympics I have been completely obsessed! I love watching them and I discovered that I am actually insanely patriotic. I find myself screaming at the TV and totally rooting for Team USA whether it is bicycling, gymnastics, or rowing I just can’t get enough. I say to myself all of the time that if I was famous I would totally be at the Olympics so that I could meet all of these incredible athletes. I’m a little sad to admit that just like a crazed-teenage girl fixated on the Backstreet Boys I am obsessed with Team USA!

But while I enjoy watching all the other events tremendously, I totally love the swimmers! Seriously, Michael Phelps is the man!!!! He is freakin’ amazing at everything he does. I was a swimmer in High School and I totally appreciate the sport and can see how amazing Phelps’ strokes are. He has to be part fish! I mean, I’m watching him swim the 200 Butterfly (Which is the hardest stroke and the distance would kill me) and he is amazing. There are no words for it. His Dolphin kick is flawless! AND HE WINS THE GOLD!!!!!!

Michael Phelps is not the only amazing swimmer though. I think that my favorite race was the 4X100 Relay with Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones and Jason Lezak. It probably was the best race of all times! NO, I take it back…It WAS the best race of all times!!!! If you missed it, you have to You-tube it or something because it was amazing. Jason Lezak anchors and swims the fastest split time ever to come back and beat the French, who had previously said they were going to smash the Americans. It was incredible! WAY TO GO GUYS!

Swimming is usually an individual sport, I mean you get points for your team, but when it comes down to it, you want to get first. The comradery that is involved in a relay team is an amazing feeling. If you win, you win together, if you lose you lose together. Its just a great feeling! Anyways, I guess you get the picture! I’ve decided that my kids are going to be Olympic Swimmers! No if, and, or buts! LOL!

On a side note, I can’t wait for the pole vaulting….I know that’s weird, but I actually have been hired to write articles for this pole vaulting site (www.vaultingpoletips.com) so you can check it out and see some of my work. All I gotta say:



In The Doghouse said...

What a great article about the wonderful swimming extravaganza in the Olympics.
Making it to the Olympics takes a life time of commitment. Did you see the expose on Michael Phelps where it talked about his lifestyle. He eats, sleeps and swims! Yes, I believe that is the lifestyle of a fish!
I totally agree... the swimming in the Olympics is amazing.. I can't wait to watch those children of yours swim!

Seth and Lacey said...

Greg! You have a blog! How fun. Anyway, go team USA! I totally agree with you and think that they are amazing! I have no idea how they do that. I can barely float let alone swim that far at all! :)

Lauren Steimle said...

i love the olympics! i am way patriotic too so i feel the USA thing! olympics are great, and so i schwimming!

Michelle said...

Another great blog. I agree with you about everything you said! I too love Michael Phelps. He is amazing! I watched the relay you were talking about and I was jumping up and down screaming! It was awesome.

I love the Olympics too! Go USA!

Ui said...

i totally agree! that 4x100m freestyle relay was amazing!!!