Sunday, July 20, 2008

It may not be the most, but it’s definitely a Top 10er!

According to the most populated city in the world is Bombay, India with an estimated 11,914,398 people living in it. Sao Paulo, Brazil comes in a close second with a whopping 11,016,703 residents. Next in the list are Shanghai, Moscow, and Seoul which I’m pretty sure are followed by my parents’ house on Sundays! I know what you’re thinking: “Big Mormon Family’—if that was true I might be a little more used to the densely populated home that I grew up in; alas my biological family is far below your everyday Mormon's.[1] states that the average Mormon family has four children and in my family there is only me and my sister. So to compensate for their failure to multiply and replenish the earth, my parents have taken in every stray Mormon in Murrieta.

Typical Sunday activities for a Mormon family include reading scriptures, having a quiet family dinner, taking a leisure drive, or writing a letter to a missionary all of which are interspersed with several naps throughout the day. However, like I said before, my family is anything but average. Our Sunday activities include preparing enough food to feed a small nation and facilitating a plethora of games that extend far past the spirit’s (and my father’s) bedtime.

In all of the commotion surrounding my newfound Sunday experience, I manage to sneak away to my mother’s favorite corner, the computer room, where I can sit in the dark and take a much needed break from it all (if only for a minute). In the darkness, I have a second to ponder the complexities of my family dynamics. My mother, who hates crowds transforms into the ultimate hostess to feed the masses each Sunday. My father, who prior to the sudden population increase, seldom kept his church clothes on long enough to get through the front door, now sits in them and plays the role of the benevolent priesthood leader. My sister, ever longing to hangout with my friends when we were younger has replaced me in the popularity chain and reversed our roles. And as for myself, the formerly extroverted Murrieta socialite now sits in a darkened computer room at peace by himself—a routine I am most likely destined to repeat every Sunday I am home.

In all of my analysis on the over population of the Dowden home, I forgot to mention how proud I am to be a Dowden. I really do have the coolest parents because they accept everyone from Schizophrenics who like to play leapfrog to head cheerleaders who haven’t quite gotten over the glory days into their home and christen them family—which is probably what keeps attracting all these strays. Everyday is a new adventure filled with new people—tiring at times, like every Sunday afternoon, but just as exciting as the other most populated cities in the world. My house may not be the most populated city in the world, but it’s definitely a Top 10er!



NeenaLove said...

The cutest post!!!

You rock!!

How have you been? Where are you at these days?

I linked in from Ui's blog.


In The Doghouse said...

Such a wonderful way of expressing the love and confusion at our house every Sunday.

It is good to have you home even if you have become "socially retarded!"


Ui said...

omg! too funny. yeah...this is getting kinda scary that we're thinking/posting the same things. lol.

but uhhh...those were some pretty random facts in the beginning. i can't believe INDIA has the most populated city. i wonder why INDIA? are you picking up on my subliminal (sp?) message? hahahaha

Lauren Steimle said...

that was awesome, and definitely true. sometimes i feel a little overwhelmed with everyone there and its not even my own house! i grew up like you with my sundays very quite and mild. what a difference eh? maybe i might try just chillin at home for a few weeks.

jackie watkins said...

I miss you Gregory, please give my love to your family and tell them hello for me!! I think your home is a wonderful place-----Love, momma jackie

Ana Eileen said...

LOL Greg! I Loved your Blog you funny guy! =)

The Campbells... said...

Hey Greg! Love the blog! You have a great way of expressing yourself, miss seeing you around! Hope life is great for you! I'm adding you to my blog list! :)

Ashley & Nathan said...

Hey Greg! I miss you and our days at the BC.. I hope things are going good for you :) Hope to see you soon!