Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Three Seconds With Kobe!

You've heard the saying, "Five minutes of fame," well today I discovered that I have three seconds! In all reality they probably aren't even three full seconds, but that doesn't matter because they are three seconds in the same commercial as KOBE BRYANT!

Watch closely, or you'll miss it! In seconds 03-05 of the commercial, just to the right of the chef in the background, and behind the words "Los Angeles" are parts made by my company, PACO Plastics & Engineering, Inc.

Now the story-  Probably about a month ago I answered the phone at work.  The guy on the other end wasn't quite sure what he was looking for because he wasn't from our industry.  He said that he was filming a comercial of an airplane galley and had found us online and wondered if we would be able to sell him some parts for it. I quickly responded that he indeed had called the right place and that we had done some work similar for the movie Flight Plan.

I transffered the call to my Dad who handles sales and pricing and over the next few days gathered the parts together that the man needed. The nice thing about selling to Hollywood is that you don't have to follow the same criteria outlined by the FAA as you do when selling in the aerospace industry.  The parts don't have to function, just fit a particular look, and they don't have to be certified.  We knew that the commercial they were making was for Turkish Airlines, and I guess I just assumed that it would be played out of the country and that I'd never see it.  So you can imagine my surprise when my Dad called me into his office to show me a video he just happened to stumble upon because of an article he had been reading about Kobe.

MY PARTS ARE IN KOBE'S COMMERCIAL!!!!! haha.  I know that probably sounds lame to some, but for my Laker loving family, it's awesome! And even though no one else would've noticed them on their own, I'm proud of those three seconds!

(Also, for a closer look behind the scenes...our parts are showcased in 1:47 on this video)


Natalie. Austin && Emmy said...

Im so jelly!! hehe too bad you didnt get to meet him!!

BK said...

Love you Greg, but the cliche` is
"15 minutes of fame" not 5 minutes. Ha! But I think while most of us only get 15 minutes, your time of fame is longer, not shorter than the world wide average.
PS, know who originally said it? It was Andy Warhol, the artist.